When packing for your Italy tour you need to consider the season first of all. April, May, September and October can be cooler, especially in the higher altitudes in Abruzzo. June, July and August can be quite hot, especially in Sicily.

While on tour, layering your clothes is a great idea, so that you can add or remove as necessary. Always bring a warmer top with you for the day. It can be left on the bus while you don’t need it, so don’t worry about having to carry it.

Apart from the usual items, we recommend packing the following items to ensure that you are as comfortable and prepared as possible while touring Italy. 


  • long pants that cover the ankles (for walking in the grass)
  • a warm windproof and rainproof jacket (it can get cold in the mountains)
  • a warm or fashionable scarf because it will make you feel Italian! (also handy for covering your shoulders before entering churches)
  • bathers
  • sun hat
  • sunglasses


  • Non slip walking shoes
  • Non slip, waterproof/resistant walking shoes that cover the whole foot (for wet weather or country walks in the grass)

Other personal items

  • Backpack
  • Water bottle (great for filling up at the many fresh water fountains)
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent
  • compact umbrella
  • Tissues (small packs) and hand sanitiser
  • Bandaids (incase of blisters)
  • Safety pins (for when those buttons start to pop)!
  • European adaptors (enough for all your electrical items)

Important personal items

  • Medications and their prescriptions (keep them in their packaging and make sure you bring more than you need, just in case)
  • Other medication you may need (think hay fever, antacids or pain relief for example)
  • Spare pair of your prescription glasses and a copy of their prescription
  • RFID and Theft Proof waist wallet or pouch (We highly encourage all travellers to use waist wallets or pouches for all your cards, money and passports while travelling through airports and major cities)
  • Email yourself a copy of your passport, credit cards and important documents and have photocopies on hand, in case the originals are lost or stolen.

Before you leave

  • Check the expiry date of your passport.
  • Notify your banking institution that you are traveling overseas.
  • Check if there are any local or federal elections occurring in your country of residence during your absence, and notify the corresponding offices.


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