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Italian Provincial Tours
Italy is our passion, our obsession

If you come along for one of our Tours of Abruzzo, you will be safe and well taken care of in our hands.  We are Marco and Katri Pagliaro and we are absolutley in love with Italy and all things Italian, especially the region of Abruzzo!

We spend our time between Ballarat, in Australia and Abruzzo, in Italy.  The gorgous village Loreto Aprutino in Abruzzo is where we have our Italian home which is about 20 mins away from the major city, Pescara.

Marco was born in Pescara, Abruzzo in Italy and moved to Melbourne, Australia at a young age with his parents and two younger siblings.  Although he has lived most of his life in Australia, his passion for his Italian culture has stayed strong.

We started Italian Provincial Tours because we want to help travellers to Italy to enjoy an authentic Italian experience, just like we were able to when visiting family in Italy.  We want to share this magical region of Abruzzo with you, which is mostly unheard of by western tourists.  Like all our guests, once you experience Abruzzo, you too will wonder why!

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