Italian Provincial Tours are experienced travellers of Abruzzo and Sicily. We often get asked how much our travellers should pack and what to bring while on our private tours of Abruzzo, Basilicata & Puglia in Italy.

Below is a list of frequently asked question to make your Basilicata & Puglia or Abruzzo Italy trip one to remember.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking you can fill out your contact information on our “Contact Us” page on this website. Once we receive your enquiry we will be in touch with you asap to discuss your tour and to forward you a booking form.

Alternatively, you may wish to call us on +61 467 566 786 or through Skype: ItalianProvincialTours

What if there is a group of us?

Great! We welcome groups. Depending on how many of you are coming along, it may even be possible to make it a private tour for you all.

Are Italian Provincial Tours’ tours right for me?

Our tours are great for people who want to get off the beaten path and have an authentic Italian experience.
Perhaps you have been to Italy before and seen the main sights and want to do something different this time. Or, perhaps you are visiting places such a Rome and Florence but want to see the “undiscovered” or more provincial side of Italy too.

What kind of people will I be on tour with?

You will likely find yourself with a friendly, mature group of people made up of both couples and singles. All travellers are English speaking and seek a relaxed and considerate atmosphere.

How many people will I be on tour with?

Most tours will will have 6 to 12 travellers with and average of 8 people.

Is Abruzzo as enjoyable as Tuscany, Napoli and other well known areas?

Absolutely! Abruzzo is a hidden gem, the last undiscovered region of Italy. We are certain that you will fall in love with the unique landscape, the quaint villages and the warmth of the people.

How much walking will I have to do?

Anywhere you go in Italy you will find that you do a lot of walking. Our comfortable vehicles will take us most of the way, but when we arrive at a hilltop village or venture to find a hidden hermitage, we have to do it on foot. We do this however, at a a relaxed and comfortable pace for everyone, with plenty of breaks to take it all in.

I have allergies, (or) I’m a vegetarian, how can Italian Provincial Tours accommodate me?

Most common allergies can be catered to by our accommodations and the restaurants we visit. Gluten free meals are common and readily available. Vegetarian diets are not a problem at all. Italians eat many vegetarian dishes and at most places you will have plenty of options.

Is there wifi at the accommodations?

Yes, all our accommodations have WIFI. However, it is Italy and not everything works all of the time!

At what time do we get going in the mornings?

It depends on what we are doing on a particular day, but we will generally get going after breakfast at 9 – 9:30am.

There are very few early morning starts, unless we need to rise early to experience something unique such as the fish market in Catania, or to harvest saffron in Navelli.

How much money do I need to bring along?

Our tours are all-inclusive so you will only need enough for personal purchases. Such purchases may include wine from the wineries we visit if you wish to enjoy something special back at the accommodation, filigree jewellery in Scanno, purchases from artisan producers or shopping in Pescara.

How can I access my money while on tour?

Due to the provincial nature of our tours it is recommended that you have some Euros on you in cash. There are ATM’s in the larger towns we visit and most places have an eftpos machine.

Unlike the tourist trodden areas it is quite safe to carry cash in Abruzzo. We strongly recommend that you use an RFID and Theft Proof waist wallet or pouch when traveling in major cities like Rome.

What kind of accommodation will we be staying in?

We painstakingly handpick the accommodations we stay at to ensure that you are getting the best possible stay. Not only are our accommodations comfortable and well appointed, but they will always have a charm about them and be an experience in themselves.
There are no chain-hotels or modern high-rise buildings!

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Please see our “What To Pack” page on this website.

Are there laundry services at the accommodations?

Yes, there are laundry services.

Will my itinerary be the same as the one on your website?

We try to keep the tours as close to the advertised itinerary as possible, however some differences may occur. This may be due to seasonal changes when exciting opportunities present themselves, such as saffron or grape harvesting or festivals. Other times it may be changes outside our control. Being a small group tour company allows us to cater to spontaneous changes, and often this occurrence can prove to be the most memorable.

What time do the tours start and finish?

The Grand Tour and Mountains and Foothills tour will commence late morning at around 10:30 – 11am and depart around midday. Specific times will be given at the booking stage of your tour.

The Abruzzo Appetiser will commence at 9:30am and depart by 4pm on the last day.

How will I meet up with the tour?

Our tours meet up at either Fiumicino Airport (the international airport) or Rome Termini Train Station in Rome for the Grand Tour or Mountains and Foothills Tour. For the Abruzzo Appetiser and Day tours the pick-up location is at either the Abruzzo Airport or Pescara Centrale Railway Station in Pescara. Alternate pick-up locations can be arranged for Day Tours.

Our specific location and time will be given at the booking stage of your tour. As a rule it will be in the morning and outside of the airport or train station, and we will be displaying a sign with the Italian Provincial Tours logo.

What if my flight is delayed and I miss the pick-up?

In this case we will do our best to accommodate you, however it is your responsibility to make it to the pick-up location to board the bus by the given time.

So that you are not inconvenienced by flight delays, we strongly advise travellers to stay over in Rome the night before if the pick-up location is in Rome.

To allow for any unexpected delays, you will need to ensure that you are due to arrive at the pick-up location by and international flight at least 3 hours before the scheduled time, 2 hours by domestic flights or trains and an hour before if coming from a nearby hotel.

What if your dates don’t fit into my schedule?

If any of our dates don’t suit you, please let us know when you would like to travel and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What if I don’t want to start or finish my tour in Rome?

If you are wanting to join us for the Grand Tour or Mountains and Foothills tour but Rome is out of the way for you, we may be able to arrange an alternate pick-up location in Pescara. Or, you are welcome to meet us in Santo Stefano di Sessanio on the first day of the tour.

Do I need travel insurance to go on an IPT tour?

It is compulsory for all travellers on an IPT tour to have their own comprehensive travel insurance. Knowing what your insurance covers and does not cover is extremely important. We strongly recommend that you spend the time to read through the small print of your travel insurance. Doing this in advance will allow you time to make any necessary changes.

How much do I need to pay to reserve my place?

A 30% deposit is needed to reserve your place on a tour. If booking within 30 days of departure of the tour, the full cost needs to be paid.

When is the balance due?

The balance of the tour cost is due 30 days prior to the departure date.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your tour with us you must notify us in writing by email to info@italianprovincialtours.com Cancelation fees will apply as stated on your booking form.

How much money do I need to bring along?

Accommodation, transport, activities and meals as per your itinerary are included in the cost of the tour. You will only need enough for personal purchases and any meals and drinks that are not included in the itinerary.

What time do the tours start and finish?

Sicily tours start in the afternoon and finish around midday. Exact times will be supplied prior to your tour.

How will I meet up with the tour?

The exact location of our meeting point in Catania will be provided prior to the tour date. Depending on the requirements of the group will meet in Catania at either the airport, trainstation or hotel.

What if my flight is delayed and I miss the pick-up?

If you miss the pick up you will need to make your way to the appointed accommodation in Catania. We will be spending the 1st night of the tour in Catania.


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