Bec and Matt’s Short Stay in Abruzzo

Our friends from Ballarat, Australia enjoyed their first European holiday, in December 2018.  As a part of their busy holiday, they took time out in our house in Loreto Aprutino in Abruzzo, Italy for 5 days.
Bec and Matt sat down with Marco and I for a quick chat about their time away..
Bec and Matt, you have just returned from your first trip to Europe.  Where did you visit?
Portugal, Spain and Italy (Florence, Abruzzo and Rome).
What were the highlights of your trip?
Visiting the cities was amazing, but staying in Loreto Aprutino was really lovely. Experiencing the regional Italian lifestyle outside the big, touristy cities was wonderful. Loreto Aprutino was so beautiful and peaceful.
What brought you to Abruzzo?
We wanted to explore Italy outside of the major cities, and we heard that Loreto Aprutino was a magical place full of history, stunning views and great food.
How did you spend your time in Abruzzo? 
We went on a few walks to see some amazing views, and spent some time at the local cafe and had beautiful coffees and pastries. We also explored the castle and nearby historical sites. Other than that, we relaxed on the lovely balcony at our AirBnB house with books and snacks.
How did you find your stay at the house? Was it comfortable and well appointed? 
The house was very comfortable, the master bedroom at the top of the house was the highlight, with incredible views over the town and the snow-capped mountains. The kitchen had all the utensils we needed, and there was a washing machine and dryer in the basement.
What did you expect Abruzzo to be like and were there any surprises?
We expected a quiet village and a relaxed atmosphere. We went just after Christmas, so we expected everything to be closed; we were pleasantly surprised by the activity in the town!
You shopped for ingredients and cooked most of your meals at home. How did you find the experience?
The supermarket was really good value and had lots of options. The kitchen in Katri and Marco’s home was lovely to cook in, you could open the terrace doors and look out at the mountain.
What type of traveller would you recommend to visit Abruzzo?
The type of traveller that would enjoy Abruzzo is someone who enjoys learning about history, or is looking for somewhere to explore Italy at a slower pace and for much less cost.
Would you like to return to see more of Abruzzo and Italy in general? 
We would absolutely love to return to Italy, and definitely Abruzzo, to explore more. There was so much more that we’d love to see!

To see more photos of our antique home and town that Bec and Matt stayed in Abruzzo, Italy click on the Air B&B link:  Casa Vista La Majella

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