What do Italians eat at home?

We all know the most famous Italian dishes, pasta, pizza, tiramisu... But what do Italians really eat at home? What does an everyday Italian lunch look like? This video show you what we ate [...]

Best authentic restaurant in Rome

Want to avoid the tourist-trap restaurants in Rome? You know, the type that have modified their dishes for foreigners and have menus in English, along with accompanying photos? This is a [...]

Abruzzo Pizza in the Park

I’ve heard many people say that they had terrible pizza in Italy. But if you know where to eat good pizza in Italy, it's like nothing else and no artisan or gourmet pizza anywhere else in the [...]

Grocery shopping in Pescara

The people of Pescara (Pescaresse) enjoy a diet rich in seafood because of their location on the coast. A couple of times a week at precisely 3pm, Zia Marisa and Zio Sergio fulfil the seafood [...]

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